I did a fan art poster for a (obviously fake) Fernando Alonso movie. The Racing monster..haha..very 80´s! For the design of the Monster car (a mix between a formula 1 and a tractor) I used ...



Painting from personal project


Black Mirror / gopher character

Working with Painting Practice we design a character for the PLAYTEST episode in season 3. This gopher must look videogamy , a bit 90’s, and I had to design the evolution of the character across the ...


Hammersons concept

Working with the Redknuckles animation studio we did a quite surreal undefined space where this machine…was placed. hahaha…I have enjoyed much as I really like mechanical design.



Living in London, in my case, was all about commuting. But some days, not all, I did enjoyed it. I can share some of the drawings I did. PD the big one wasn’t a commute drawing, ...


Osra Sugar Commercial

In this sugar commercial I have redesigned the environment to give a magical feeling to the image. I created a variety of props that were floating in the dome, like islands but with a clock-mechanical ...


Mechanic Skull Helmet

I do like to work in pitches: you have a short time to try something, usually challenging, without all the production restrictions. It is fun, creative and intense. I am specially proud of this one: Two ...



Another Pitch…I modelled and Jacob Gonzalez textured and rendered.


Nike “The Last Game” (Temple)

I had the opportunity to join Passion Pictures and work in this “unike” (LOL) project “The Last Game“. It was a great challenge: To design, model, texture and light this sequence with this massive ancient ...


Nike “The Last Game” (The Iniesta´s siesta)

Again for “The Last Game”. On these two shots I modeled the ground and fixed some textures, but basically my work was the lighting. Most of the problems of the shots were solved by the ...



Here is the main character of one personal project I am working on… modelled in Zbrush, textured in Mari, and rendered in Maya with Vray.


The Amazing world of Gumball

Sometimes only Matte painting, sometimes 3d, most of the times a mix between them... a new Gumball Background It is always a challenge.


UBISOFT “Dragons”

On this commercial for UBISOFT spain we wanted to achieve a toy looking aspect of the dragons. Something colorful but frightening.  I was the 3d supervisor of this piece, involve in all the  aspects of the ...


CANAL+ bumpers

We made 22 bumpers for CANAL+. I made most of the animatics, and in some of them, the final animation. I looked after the render in half of them as well. oh mama what a project!…. ...


Fernando Alonso avatar “FASTER”

3d avatar for Fernando Alonso

trailer frame

“La bicha”

My graduation film: La Bicha. Designed like a B-movie of the 50´s using 3D, 2D cartoon characters and old footage from very old movies…… Ahhh, what a beautiful days… coffee, spaghetti, coke, spaghetti, and coffee again….


Demo Reel