• Mechanic Skull Helmet

    I do like to work in pitches: you have a short time to try something, usually challenging, without all the production restrictions. It is fun, creative and intense. I am specially proud of this one: Two weeks to do a shaman in a world dominated by mechanical animals. I have designed and modeled the skull-Helmet working with the amazing Jacob Gonzalez who was doing the textures and shaders for it. Lead, Character texture and rendering was Cesar Nunes. The Character modeler was Alex Huguet and Manuel Perez was doing the Comp. For me these guys are a "dream team".  
  • Cornetto

    Another Pitch...I modelled and Jacob Gonzalez textured and rendered.
  • Nike “The Last Game” (Temple)

    I had the opportunity to join Passion Pictures and work in this "unike" (LOL) project "The Last Game".

    It was a great challenge: To design, model, texture and light this sequence with this massive ancient steps inside of a cave populated with the statues of the players. The camera was going from very wide angles to really close shots, so the models and textures needed to work for both situations. On top of that, and as usually happens, the layout was changing everyday so we needed a very flexible sistem to work.

    I end up modelling and texturing in Hi-res just small variation of stones, bricks and ornaments so I was able to use them as if I was building the temple “stone by stone”. Combining them, I had detail enough to make work the close ups, and flexibility to modify on the fly the constrction of the elements to fit the any Layout requirements.

    For this sequence I worked with Christian Mills who was the lighting supervisor. He did the Layout for my shots, and gave me quite useful advice about the design.

    It was reaaaaaal fun. Good memories!!! and 86 million visits in youtube!!!

  • Hammersons concept

    Working with the Redknuckles animation studio we did a quite surreal undefined space where this machine...was placed. hahaha...I have enjoyed much as I really like mechanical design.
  • Osra Sugar Commercial

    In this sugar commercial I have redesigned the environment to give a magical feeling to the image. I created a variety of props that were floating in the dome, like islands but with a clock-mechanical look. I hope you like it!!
  • Nike “The Last Game” (The Iniesta´s siesta)

    Again for "The Last Game". On these two shots I modeled the ground and fixed some textures, but basically my work was the lighting. Most of the problems of the shots were solved by the amazing MattePaint we got from Antoine Birot... My respect!
  • UBISOFT “Dragons”

    On this commercial for UBISOFT spain we wanted to achieve a toy looking aspect of the dragons. Something colorful but frightening.  I was the 3d supervisor of this piece, involve in all the  aspects of the procces, from modellig, texturing, rigging, cam proyection and rendering. Check the advert complete here
  • CANAL+ bumpers

    We made 22 bumpers for CANAL+. I made most of the animatics, and in some of them, the final animation. I looked after the render in half of them as well. oh mama what a project!.... You can see some of them in the links below:                                                                                              .CANAL+ action       CANAL+ sports     CANAL+events
  • Fernando Alonso avatar “FASTER”

    In this project we created a 3d avatar for Fernando Alonso. Working next to the art department my task was to translate into the 3d world the very graphic 2d designs of the character.  I delivered 3 diferent 3D poses rendered as a reference for further development.