• Sphynx

    Glad to say that my Sphynx cat was showcased on 3d World magazine May 2018 Issue 233.... modelled in Zbrush, textured in Mari, and rendered in Maya with Vray.
  • Drawings

    Living in London, in my case, was all about commuting. But some days, not all, I did enjoyed it. I can share some of the drawings I did. PD the big one wasn't a commute drawing, it was a coffee drawing...definitely a long coffee
  • “La bicha”

    My graduation film: La Bicha. Designed like a B-movie of the 50´s using 3D, 2D cartoon characters and old footage from very old movies...... Ahhh, what a beautiful days... coffee, spaghetti, coke, spaghetti, and coffee again....
  • RaceMonster

    I did a fan art poster for a (obviously fake) Fernando Alonso movie. The Racing monster..haha..very 80´s! For the design of the Monster car (a mix between a formula 1 and a tractor) I used gravity sketch...in vr. 3d playful again!