The Amazing World of Gumball

In “Gumball” every new sequence it´s a new challenge!. We use a variety of technics that aims to create the most succesful “value for money” compromise. We create around 7 hours of animation per season with a TV show budget so we have to study carefully how to approach every shot. (because we want 40 beautiful episodes!!)

Every background has different requirements, diferent time alocations and you can start up from different materials. Sometimes we have  to build a 3D set for a location that allows to create many differents stills. Sometimes we need a 3D environment to create footages and moving cameras (always Low cost render times) flexible enough to be reusable or modified easily. Sometimes we  just need to mix different pictures. Sometimes lights effects that interacts with the characters…and so on.  Here I can show you a selection of final backgrounds I made and their breakdowns.

Rollover on the images to swap between the “before Paco” and “after Paco” state of the images ;)